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Computer Peripherals

Computer Peripherals
Model: 140065902
NB - 35 Extendable Recording Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand Holder with Microphone Clip Table Mounting ClampThe professional recording microphone stand you're looking at is a convenient and useful invention widely used in stores, families, stages, studios, broadcasting and TV stations,..
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Model: 264623701
Product features:1. The material is good, good quality, high quality2. The function is all ready, two USB interface, a charging port, convenient and practical3. General Micro USB android mobile phones4. Take OTG is supported by the device with the function of power supply5. Connect the keyboard, mou..
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Model: 189195201
Main Features:- Aluminum alloy chassis with Mac style is processed by anodic oxidation, perfectly matching with Ultrabook, Mac and smartphone.- 15 Deg.C slope is easy to plug; Unique design, more fashionable.- Built-in VIA USB 3.0 controller provides fast transmission, integrated with smart charging..
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Model: 220823001
Description:Thisu00a0original Xiaomi Bluetooth 4.0 speakeru00a0not only has the fashionable appearance but also has a powerful function. Not only does it has outstanding sound quality, but also supports numerous music playback mode. Exquisite outlook design makes it a good partner during your leisur..
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Model: 235972401
Description:As a professional drawing tablet, the PNBOO PN2150 interactive pen display will never let you down. Using the 21.5 inch IPS screen, it could give you more broad viewing angle. 2048-level high-pressure sensitivity makes you draw the more smooth line. Easy to operate, whether you are a nov..
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Model: 141670501
2 in 1 Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker Water Resistant Power Bank for Mobile Phone / Tablet / LaptopMain Features:u25cf Water resistant, shockproof, dustproof.u25cf Strong bass, double track, dual independent sound cavity.u25cf Paly music with 360 degrees.u25cf Built-in microphone, support hands-free..
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Model: 158270502
White Letters Russian English Keyboard Sticker Decal Black for PC LaptopDescription:The Russian English alphabets are spread onto non-transparent matt stickers. Stickers are made of high-quality matt vinyl. Once apply stickers on you keyboard properly, the letters will stay for a long time. Matt hue..
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Model: 201057104
Description:Compact portable Bluetooth speakers tend to be fairly similar these days, which is why a speaker like SAMSBO's A9 is refreshing. Not only does it offer very good sound for its size, but it has the added value of offering a very cool shinning LED light show.With round appearance, A9 makes..
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Model: NM0041001
Main Features:u2022 Innovative keyboard and touchpad for mouse-free operationu2022 Equipped with IR light pointer for presentations and trainingu2022 Fully plug and play,perfect for HTPC, PS3/PS4, XBox 360 and XBox Oneu2022 USB rechargeable built in battery for an eco-friendly green lifeu2022 The ..
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Model: 182903201
UGEE EX07 8 x 5 inch Smart Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet 5080 LPI ResolutionMain Features:u25cf 8 x 5 inches active area. The most suitable dimensions for common drawing, professional and technical design usersu25cf Silkscreen pressure sensitive film. Its surface using a unique hardening process, not ..
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Model: 182920701
UGEE M708 10 x 6 inch Smart Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet 5080 LPI ResolutionMain Features:u25cf 10 x 6 inches active area. The most suitable dimensions for common drawing, professional and technical design usersu25cf Its screen surface using a unique hardening process, not only more heat, wear, corro..
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Model: 169389601
Main Features:u25cf Bluetooth version: V3.0u25cf Silicone cover, water resistant and good hand feelu25cf Combining speaker with power bank perfectly, charging you cellphone in time, enjoying music anywhere anytimeu25cf Built-in microphone, answer / hang up the phone call under wireless modeu25cf Sup..
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